Revelation Online Screenshot Wallpaper

Revelation Online is a large-scale 3D Oriental fantasy MMORPG game developed by Netease Pangu studio. In the South Korea GSTAR2013 international game show for the first time exposure, operating in China by NetEase.

Revelation Online mainly about the loss of the most perfect partner dragon emperor Kai Ming alone take up the duty of guarding the clouds hanging down, mankind in their own strength, continuous progress, Yunxun Shengshi open.

Here are some Revelation Online Screenshot from gamer.

mmoalbum-Revelation-Online-Screenshot-1903x842-1 mmoalbum-Revelation-Online-Screenshot-1920x967-2 mmoalbum-Revelation-Online-Screenshot-1920x1005-4 mmoalbum-Revelation-Online-Screenshot-1920x1018-3 mmoalbum-Revelation-Online-Screenshot-1920x1018-5 mmoalbum-Revelation-Online-Screenshot-1920x1018-6 mmoalbum-Revelation-Online-Screenshot-1920x1050-7 mmoalbum-Revelation-Online-Screenshot-1920x1080-8 mmoalbum-Revelation-Online-Screenshot-1920x1080-9

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