Path of Exile: The Damage of Poison

Many genres in PoE give players a variety of game experiences. What kind of gameplay players choose is completely unknown. In other words, Even a very unpopular thing will be tried. The poison in Poe may not be practical for the normal player. The following introduction may give you a deeper understanding of the poison.

Poison is in a state where it needs immense passive investment and item investment to work.

that means using nearly ALL the poison uniques with the exception of maybe the gloves (dendrobate, coralito’s, despair curse, embalmer’s in some cases)

How poison damage is calculated?

Poison damage is calculated from the base damage of your new projectile skill.

There are two terms in PoE that relate here. “Immune to” and “Unaffected by”.

Immune to = You cannot have that status on you at all.

Unaffected by = You will still have the status, see the debuff icon etc but it will have no effect. Things that rely on you having the debuff will trigger (such as Apep’s).

CI makes you immune to chaos damage. It does not make you immune to poison (like the Shakari pantheon).

Poison deals all chaos damage. What will happen (or should happen) is that you will actually be inflicted with poison which will do 0 damage. But since you are inflicted with poison, all Apep’s abilities will trigger.

Poison is neither a spell nor a projectile, so does not benefit from the stats related to those. It is Chaos damage, so will benefit from that modifier. It does not double dip as it is based on the base damage of the skill (before the extra Chaos was applied).
Player has base damage and two scaling options for attacks now:
-> increases to attack/area/projectile/phys/chaos/generic damage
-> multiplier to those types
-> final hit damage
-> increases to ailment/chaos/dot/poison/generic/phys if applied by phys damage
-> multipliers for those types
-> final poison damage per second.

The modifiers and multipliers for poison are now slightly different. Due to it being calculated off of the base damage of the attack and not the final hit damage, double dipping is a thing of the past. Also, they now treat ailments that were applied by some damage type other than their final damage type (for example poison applied by phys damage) as damage converted to that element (which means that, in the aforementioned example, you could scale it by global phys damage modifiers). Also, stuff like projectile damage or area damage no longer scales ailments, but in exchange we got a ton of ailment damage slapped on normal damage nodes in the skill tree and a lot of ailment support gems.

There are many interesting things about poison, but I won’t go into details here, as well as poe orbs and item drop, equipment and skill mix,  etc. You can try to browse other pages of this website.

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