Exactly about Mu legend Whisperer

At this time the sole female class in addition to a potent ranged harm dealer, the Whisperer could be the quickest class using the greatest assault speed in MU Legend. Her attacks are extremely productive, and even though her defense is weak, she can hunt reasonably securely provided that she maintains distance.
She makes use of the wing gun and also the longbow, and carrying a wing gun in each and every hand is a single of her distinctive functions. The Whisperer is in a position to hunt speedy because of her mobility and it is more powerful dealing injury to single targets in lieu of with AoE attacks. So, if you’d like fast-paced action and also have a for taste impressive ranged attacks, the Whisperer could be the class for you.

The Whisperer moves through the battlefield as speedy since the wind, dispatching enemies so speedily that it truly is said that she whispers death to her enemies. Her motion pace is substantially quicker in contrast to other classes, and her higher dexterity along with her strong bow make the Whisperer an excellent ranged harm dealer.

Her higher mobility lets you rush by locations really swiftly. Her power lies in attacking single targets rather then in AoE attacks, so she’s incredibly powerful towards bosses. Her defense is lower, but her quickly motion and evasion might help her stay clear of taking a lot of damage.

Her effectiveness drops somewhat in destinations where mobility is limited. However, she performs properly in most other regions, so it won’t be difficult to degree up. The Whisperer is really a terrific option for players who have a penchant for high-mobility characters with swift attacks.

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